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susen clamp statement about counterfeit our agent
      In 2014, jiangsu susen clamp manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as company) feedback received a customer calls for many times, there are counterfeit products manufactured in our business agent, the branch institutions. Seriously affect the interests of customers and reputation effect to our company! To protect the interests of customers and our company, now the statement is as follows:

      A, our company in China and abroad without regional agents, and there is no factory in yancheng local; Fake our products our company does not undertake quality assurance; Our company does not undertake by replacement, compensation, etc.

      Second, my company only part of the company project authorized dealers; Will be subject to written accredit a power of attorney issued by the company.

      Customers when purchasing products, please contact us, or let the authorized project issued by the power of attorney in writing, to ensure their own interests are guaranteed!



                                                                                            Jiangsu susen clamp manufacturing co., LTD

                                                                                                                      February 12 ,2 015


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