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SUSEN CLAMP to Participate in Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition 2017
    October 31 - November 3, 2017, the Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition - Asia International Power Transmission Exhibition 2017 (PTC Asia), second in the world, first in Asia, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and SUSEN CLAMP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will bring the latest products to participate in this event. Our company has also participated in PTC exhibitions successively.
    According to the professional characteristics of PTC Asia Exhibition, as the main supplier of hydraulic pipe accessories industry, SUSEN CLAMP will, in this exhibition, focus on displaying the clamps which comply with international standards and are highly competitive! Provide customers with hydraulic pipe fixing system solution! By participating in the previous Asian International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, SUSEN CLAMP has seen rapid improvement of its popularity in the professional field and further expansion of the company's brand influence.
    Let us meet at F1-4 Booth, E3 Hall! New and old customers around the world are welcome to be present and give instructions!
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